Factory consumables


Our diversity continues with our market leading creasing matrix, Xpert Colour. From Micro to Double and all the sizes in between with the colour coded shoulders. It doesn’t stop there; Tension bands, lead edge strips, furniture equipment and cylinder jackets - to name a few.




Xpertmatrix is our answer to the world of creasing matrix, made right here
in England. Designed specifically for the user, this high end product features: A polyester base, colour coded shoulders and finger lift adhesive.


CUE EZ Lock Anvil Cover


  We have been a CUE distributor for over 30 years, with high stock levels to serve the UK.

Easy to install, rotate and use
Boltless, magnetic-assisted installation
Reinforced with propriety Duracore backing
Reduced weight and operator friendly design to promote safety
Excellent cutting and scoring performance
CUE's legendary urethane compound for maximum cover life

Available in standard width, Dual and Custom width


Cylinder Jackets

Tension Bands


Plotting Blades

Plotting Film & Pens