Having the equipment in house means we are in full control and our versatility is endless. From start to finish we offer a bespoke service worldwide.




Start off by using our CAD software, whether it is to simply import the drawing from you, or to create it ourselves.



Step 2. Splitting

Our Splitting machines enable us to convert rubber from blocks and sheets to a specific thickness.


One of two of our Splitting machines

Step 3. Waterjet


Once we have drawn the files and split the material it is on to the penultimate stage of our service; the waterjets.

There is not a lot these machines can’t do; from soft rubber to dense plastic, 1mm to 100mm thick and the most complex shapes are all well within our capabilities.


One of three of our Waterjet cutters

Freshly cut pieces

A Waterjet head at work

Step 4. Packed and sent


The final stage of our service is to pack it up in one of our branded boxes and ship it on UPS to your chosen destination.